You Got the Job…Now What? Part 2

6. Find out if the people in the office use an online platform for socialisation. Select carefully the content you post there, try to keep them interested with the news or articles you share. Show that you have an interesting personality, do not load their news feed with useless content, because they might soon hide your posts or ban your user account.

You Got the Job7. Reconnect with former colleagues. If you kept a good relationship with the manager or colleagues from the last job, make sure you have them as friends on social media. These details visible on your profile are a plus to the image you built for yourself.

8. Get small victories. Identify those small problems in the office that your colleagues did not have the time to solve. Propose a plan, but also ask for their opinion on it. The small tasks you choose to do for yourself will make you gain the respect of everyone at work.

9. Smile and relax. You might have a good strategy, but at the beginning, tasks might be a bit overwhelming. Instead of spending extra hours at your desk, or at home, in front of the laptop, take advantage of a good rest, and return early in the morning for the difficult projects. You will be happy and have the energy to deal with everything. Start your day with the priorities, to use the morning inspiration on them.

10. Avoid the most common mistakes:
Do not delay setting up the strategy for solving those difficult tasks. Make a check-list with imposed steps and deadlines.
Do not ask for ‘as soon as possible meetings’ with your boss. You have a lot to gain if you just ask him on how you could collaborate better.

If you follow these simple steps, your professional life will become more pleasant and your duties will be easier to solve.