You Got the Job…Now What? Part 1

You got your dream job. But what about the first days when you will be in the new environment at the office, surrounded by unknown people? Read this list of ten tips on how to behave during the first month at work.

You Got the Job1. Be sociable. Introduce yourself in the elevator, in the kitchen, in the coffee break. Smile as often as you can, think of common subjects you can bring up in the first hours of the morning to make your colleagues laugh.

2. Follow the STUDY plan. Its acronyms stands for study, time, understand, decisions, yes.
Study the environment around you and take your time to analyse important things, like the strategy of the company, objectives, structure, your project and your roles and responsibilities.
Take you time to understand the strategies of the team. You need to ask, to find out what the objectives are, the role and responsibilities you will have on the projects with which you are involved.
Understand the situation and the role of each employee. Make sure you meet everyone, so that you create a powerful professional link with all your colleagues.
Do not make decisions in a rush, ask for feedback. At the beginning, you might just not understand the internal politics of the company of the work style.
Yes, you can do it! Stay focused on the tasks the managers and your colleagues ask, in spite of the overwhelming feeling you might have in the beginning.

3. Take notes on everything you hear. Attention is one of the most appreciated abilities, and everyone will be happier if you do not ask repeatedly things that were just explained to you.

4. Take coffee break, even if you do not smoke or drink coffee. It is the best way to discover common hobbies, make new friends and find out backstage information on the projects.

5. Acquaint yourself with popular people in the office. Every company has its own slang and you will be grateful on the tips they might share on how to tackle the difficult or grumpy colleagues in the office.