Work from Home or at the Office?

Along with the rise and perfection of communication technologies over Work from Homephone or internet, more and more people started working from home. Studies have revealed that people are more productive when working from home. Nicholas Bloom, economics professor at Stanford University, carried a study in 2013 to tackle the productivity outcome of home workers. He measured the average number of telephone conversations made in a call centre and from home employees. Studies revealed that home workers made weekly with 13.5% more calls. Also, the happiness and satisfaction factors were higher for these individuals, compared to their office counterparts.

If your profession allows it, and you are considering this method, there are certain things to keep in mind. Each day spent working at home might be different from the other. There is no such thing as routine. One day you will be sleeping an extra hour because you went out the night before, you will leave in the middle of the day for a doctor appointment or you will solve other issues which you never could have solved with a daily job. You should find a set of habits that best work for your productivity and exploit those high peak concentration hours. Indulging yourself small break like playing with your cat or wandering around the block for some fresh air are other common advantages of home working.

However, it is important to set up boundaries between work and family time, because it is better to keep these two chapters in separate blocks. Make sure that when you are finished working you put your phone or computer on privacy mode. It is even recommended to invest in a separate facility, considered office, and stick to a strict program.

Many enjoy working after this model, because they become their own boss. Challenges will appear along the way too; how to manage distractions, self governance and effectiveness are some of them.

This working solution might be good for introverts, that feel more comfortable around themselves, as extroverts could feel lonely and search for more social interaction outside working hours.