What Should you Ask Your Future Employee?

Ask Your Future EmployeeCertainly that you wish to find out all the details about the position you applied for, but also about the company that will hire you. It is best to ask as many questions as you can at the interview, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises afterwards.

The questions on this page will help you get a clear view on the situation before accepting an offer.

1. Is the position newly created, or was it occupied by someone else before? If someone was working for this position, why did he/she quit?
You can find out important aspects about your role in the company for short, medium and long term.
2. What are the aspects of your company your current employees appreciate the most and the reason they decide to work here?
3. What are the objectives to achieve in the first three months of work?
4. What are the qualities of successful managers in your company?
5. Can you list a few challenges the occupant of this position might encounter in the future?
6. Can you describe shortly if there is a employee evaluation system in your company?
7. What is the politics of the company regarding extra hours? Are they compulsory, how are they paid, when and who has to receive the activity reports?
8. What are the objectives of the company for the next 3-4 years?
Identifying the needs of the company in the short term helps you get to know more about the financial plans, if the number of employees will increase in the future, or details about the diversification of services.
9. What are the promotion criteria?
10. If something is unclear, you should mention what you did not understand and ask for explanations.

Usually questions about the job description are asked at the beginning of the interview. Whom you will be working with or what your responsibilities are at the middle. At the end you can ask if there will be more interviews or working trials.