What Makes a Powerful CV

Powerful CVDid you ever wonder why you were not called in for an interview, even if your experience was fit for that position? Follow this advice and make sure that your CV will bring you the desired job. Even if you are confident in your skills and your professional experience speaks for itself, your business card and CV are the first elements through which you interact with your future employee. To make yourself stand out from hundreds of other candidates, give maximum consideration when writing your resume. Even the smallest flaws can make a big impact.

1. Send an updated CV, with valid contact data (current address, phone number, e-mail address).
2. Make sure you listed all the professional experience relevant to the job you apply for. Do not exaggerate though; keep it brief, excessive detail may make it hard to follow.
3. Use a professional e-mail address that contains your name and surname, dedicate exclusively for official communication.
4. If you choose to display a photo, use one that shows you in a professional environment. Do not attach a photo from your vacation or from a party. If these are the only ones you have, it is better to send the CV without a picture.
5. Format your CV so that it has the same font and size for all the paragraphs. Use adequate spacing and delimitation for titles and body text. Use common fonts and do not overload the pages with graphics.
6. Avoid using long, complex phrases. Use short and concise sentences. The more structured the CV is, the easier is to follow.
7. If you choose to send in a letter of intent, carefully customise it. A letter of intent copied from the internet will not make a good impression.
8. Watch out for grammatical errors. Read your CV many times and ask a second opinion to someone else before sending it to the recruiter.

Do not forget that each company receives hundreds of applications for a single ad. You have little time to keep them interested.