TU/e Mission and Services

TUe support candidates who are searching for a jobTU/e support candidates who are searching for a job. Looking at things from the perspective of employers, the staff here noticed their desire to receive a customised Curriculum Vitae that reflect the professional experience and aptitudes of the candidates. This exciting partnership will enable you to benefit from competent career counseling services. Receive advice on the content of your resume and benefit from the opinion of a specialist to restructure the information in a way that will attract the attention of a potential employer.

The main role is to create a branding strategy for candidates who use these services in the same way that an advertising company develops the most appropriate strategy to promote a product. The entire team consists of specialists with professional and academic experience, expertise in strategic communications, advertising, psychology, HR and recruitment.

The staff at TU/e addresses the needs of a market oversaturated with standard models and the lack of differentiation between the candidates. The services offered have two functions: to create a professional brand for the candidate and to facilitate the work of the employer, who can compare more easily the received profiles, beyond cliches and impersonal material.

It is addressed especially to generation Y customers who understand the importance of investing in their own development and image. Use the services of TU/e website and enjoy a series of services and benefits.

1. Create and edit professional resumes through an online platform that focuses on convenience and service availability anytime and anywhere in the world.

2. Forge a career management, structure a plan for the procedures and the changes that will appear on the way.

3. Receive professional counseling after returning home. Rely on integration on the local work force after your experience abroad. The counseling is offered by professionals who also went through this process of adjustment.

4. Practice for the interview with experts in HR training and recruitment.