On this website you will find a collection of useful articles when searching for a job. The career centre focuses on integrating giving professional advice and support to increase the chances to find your dream job. An entire team of specialists is here to council you in the adjustments of your business card – the curriculum vitae.

Apart from these services, you can read a series of articles on how to compose a powerful CV, how to act at interviews, what to ask your future employer and how to behave the first days in the office. Follow all the guidelines there and you chances to attract the attention of the recruiter increase substantially. Keep in mind that every single step in the recruitment process is important, and that you have to give special attention to each of them. Practice in front of the mirror, with your friends or with the staff at TU/e career centre and become more confident in the big day. Do not let any obstacle step in between you and your dream job. When the time is right, ask meaningful questions and impress your employee with all the data you have gathered before the interview and differentiate yourself from the other candidates.

When finally you were rewarded with the employee status, follow the step by step instructions to have a good start in your career and quickly move to superior positions.

With the help of the friendly staff at TU/e you will become more confident and focus on the things that matter – improving your professional skills.