How to Ace the Interview

After you have received the good news over phone or e-mail, it’s time to start working on your communication skills.

How to Ace the InterviewMany managers complain that candidates are not doing their homework before the interview. Google the name of the company, read out the articles that pop up, study the website, the company’s mission, locations, products and services. With this information you will have enough topics to open for discussion at the interview. After you’re finished studying the company, google yourself. See what the company knows about you.

Practice some interview questions. Start with ‘Why should we hire you?’. It will help you identify your good characteristics and will refresh your memory on your achievements. By identifying in advance your values, skills and accomplishments, you will behave more naturally at the interview. Rehearse these question in front of a mirror, with a friend or with someone at the TU/e Career Centre. Ask for feedback after the session and learn how to hide your agitation. Your performance will improve considerably, so you can focus on making a remarkable impression.

Keep a journal history of your past interviews. With this technique you will know which questions were asked of you, and what your answers were. You can also analyse the progress you’ve made with your communication skills.

Keep a positive perspective. When talking about past failure or bad situations, try to mention the half full glass, not about the half empty part. Never talk negative about your former employee, because this will reflect badly on your character, and not the fact that you were the victim.

Be comfortable at all times. With a little preparation before, even the scariest situation will look a little easier to handle. If you keep calm and relax, the answers will flow naturally and you will prove that you could be a valuable asset to the company.