5 tips for locking down your first job in Texas

Once you’ve graduated, you’ll experience an incredible feeling of freedom. But now you’ve got to start looking for work so you can start earning. In the 21st century, the job market is tougher than ever with hundreds of people going for the same job as you are. Here are five tips for locking down your

Work from Home or at the Office?

Along with the rise and perfection of communication technologies over phone or internet, more and more people started working from home. Studies have revealed that people are more productive when working from home. Nicholas Bloom, economics professor at Stanford University, carried a study in 2013 to tackle the productivity outcome of home workers. He measured

You Got the Job…Now What? Part 2

6. Find out if the people in the office use an online platform for socialisation. Select carefully the content you post there, try to keep them interested with the news or articles you share. Show that you have an interesting personality, do not load their news feed with useless content, because they might soon hide

You Got the Job…Now What? Part 1

You got your dream job. But what about the first days when you will be in the new environment at the office, surrounded by unknown people? Read this list of ten tips on how to behave during the first month at work. 1. Be sociable. Introduce yourself in the elevator, in the kitchen, in the

Common Questions at the Interview

Each PR has a list of standardised questions they might ask you. It is better to prepare for them in advance, because some of them are tricky. When they ask you to tell them about yourself, you should focus on the aspects concerning the job you are interviewed for. Do not tell your life story,

How to Ace the Interview

After you have received the good news over phone or e-mail, it’s time to start working on your communication skills. Many managers complain that candidates are not doing their homework before the interview. Google the name of the company, read out the articles that pop up, study the website, the company’s mission, locations, products and

What Should you Ask Your Future Employee?

Certainly that you wish to find out all the details about the position you applied for, but also about the company that will hire you. It is best to ask as many questions as you can at the interview, so that there will be no unpleasant surprises afterwards. The questions on this page will help

What Makes a Powerful CV

Did you ever wonder why you were not called in for an interview, even if your experience was fit for that position? Follow this advice and make sure that your CV will bring you the desired job. Even if you are confident in your skills and your professional experience speaks for itself, your business card

TU/e Mission and Services

TU/e support candidates who are searching for a job. Looking at things from the perspective of employers, the staff here noticed their desire to receive a customised Curriculum Vitae that reflect the professional experience and aptitudes of the candidates. This exciting partnership will enable you to benefit from competent career counseling services. Receive advice on